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The listening activities here have been excerpted and adapted from those included in the NSO Education Cuesheet (performance guide) for the Xploring Xtremes concert. In order to make these activities usable across the Internet, the audio clips have been edited and converted into files that can be used on a computer or digital system.

Streaming clips
MP3 clips
Tips and troubleshooting

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The Music Clips

Musical selections for the concert program and listening activities for this site are created for online and offline use. There are two options: you may use the streaming RealAudio files or download MP3 files. Information and direct links are below. If you need help deciding, visit our Tips and Troubleshooting guide at the bottom of this page.

To complete the activities online on a typical school network, you can simply click on the link and a RealMedia streaming file will automatically play. However, if you are experiencing difficulty getting the files to play, prefer better quality files, or wish to do the activities offline, please see the sections below.

Online Use with Streaming Files

Streaming files are for use on a computer connected to the Internet. They do not download to your computer. You will need the RealPlayer to hear these clips.

The clip included on each activity page is optimized for school networks. We suggest you use these clips; however, some users will find they have problems staying connected, or (on very fast systems) the quality could be better. In these cases, you should customize your activities by using the links below.

Offline use with MP3s

MP3 files are files that are downloaded to a computer's hard drive for playback. This is useful if you you want to be able to use the listening activities or program selections offline. If you have a VERY good connection and want high-quality stereo clips, use these.

We suggest you download the Xploring Xtremes Cuesheet and use it to guide the activities. Your clips can be used on a computer or installed on an MP3 player.

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Copyright Information

These music clips are presented for educational use only, and may not be distributed or copied in any form. For more information, see the Credits section.

Tips and Troubleshooting

How do I know which format to choose?

Each file is presented in 3 versions: fast, for modem users connected at 30 kpbs and above; faster, for T1 and other medium-sized connections, and fastest, for broadband users.

If you are at school or on another public network, you can safely choose "faster" as your connection speed. We do not recommend these files for users connected at speeds lower than 30 kpbs (usually, 28.8 modems or 56k modems on low connections.)

Why can't I access the MP3s?

If you are using the MP3s, check to make sure you can download these materials onto the computer you are using. For some, a firewall or other network security feature may not allow downloads; please check with your Systems Administrator or computer teacher first. It is recommended that users have a very fast connection to the Internet to download these clips.

Some browsers allow you to connect directly to an MP3 over the Internet (without downloading it). Again, check with your administrator.

The streaming clips are stopping or "hiccuping" while being played.

This hesitation (or sometimes complete halting) of a stream is due to many factors. The best way for the user to solve the issue is to select a lower-bitrate file. If you are on a modem connection, choose the 'fast' files from the boxes above (you can still use the individual pages by keeping this page open in a separate window and launching the audio from here.)