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Harmon Foundation Workshop.

What happens when great minds congregate in the same time and place? How do creative individuals both reflect and influence the places and time periods in which they live? Drop Me Off in Harlem explores these questions in the context of the vibrant, complex, and unique moment in time that was the Harlem Renaissance.

Activities for Home or School

The activities below are designed to help you navigate through the vast amount of information, Web-based primary sources, and media resources available through this mini-site. The site facilitates an arts-integrated approach to studying this era—an approach that engages students in a more active role in uncovering knowledge. There are myriad ways to use the site; these activities are merely "jumping-off points" for classroom explorations. Explore Drop Me Off in Harlem on your own, and share your ideas with the ARTSEDGE community.


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Why Harlem?

Harlem was the epicenter of African-American culture between the years of 1917 and 1935. This activity poses the question: "Why Harlem?" What was it about Harlem that allowed it to play host to such a prolific creative movement?


Collaboration, Influence, and Support

In this activity, you will explore the many complex relationships between the pivotal Harlem Renaissance figures and some of the enduring works that resulted from these associations.


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